Rollor Carry on, Crease-free Consumer Hand Luggage Exporter in UAE

Rollor Crease-free Hand Luggage

Rollor ® is on a whole different level of carry ons. It is smart, it is stylish and it protects your cloths to keeps you ready for a flawless clothing appearance. Rollor technology delivers wrinkle-free results for everything under the roll. No more should you worry about rain or your rush ruining the condition of your cloths. Now you can rush in style! Rollor is also an award winning solution for the transport and shipping of delicate, premium clothing products to premium garment brands. Rollor can work with thawb (ثَوب, kandura, كَندورَة /), jalabiyyah, abaya (عباية), suits, maxi dresses, shirts, jeans, pants, tshirts - almost any type of clothing, Worlds Hub is an exclusive distributor of Rollor.


Thoroughly tested, designed as if they were planes!


Carefully selected premium materials for a premium finishing product.

Ready to wear garments when using Rollor to transport.

High quality, premium product.

Long lifespan

Innovative & Stylish

Protects from many weather conditions

Stand out from the crowd, in class.

Rollor Carry on, Crease-free Consumer Hand Luggage Exporter in UAE

Rollor for Consumers, as B2B Gifts & for e-commerce packaging.


A stylish premium solution for transporting your cloths crease-free. The basic concept of Rollor is the rolling up of garments between its upright rims. This eliminates sharp angles and any potential external pressures. Everything between the rims are protected from wrinkles, from getting dirty or damaged. As a reliable exporter in Dubai, Worlds Hub strives to offer products which are outstanding and adds value to consumer's life.

Rollor solving the wrikle problem

ROLLOR® consumer products consists of three main types - Essential, Prestige & Premium.

ROLLOR® products are also a smart choice for premium corporate gift ideas. The ROLLOR® Business gifts can be beautifully branded with the retailer’s or corporate's name, logo or can be fully customized. Make an impact and offer your customers the alternative to the traditional boring, vulnerable garment bags or gifts. Apart from jeans to suited, the premium version can also carry lengthy garments like thawb (ثَوب, kandura, كَندورَة /), jalabiyyah, abaya (عباية), maxi dresses etc.

ROLLOR® also provides outstanding packaging solution for e-commerce companies. Cause an impact on your customers and ship your digital orders crease-free in the Rollor® Expresses. Contact us today for more details.